We request that you make Appointments for COVID-19 Compliance

To comply with New York States reopening during the covid-19 pandemic we will be doing the following for the health and safety of our customers and employees.

Phase 4 has started so we may now do indoor tours and tastings of small groups again!

  1. For the safety of our employees You will be required to wear a mask NO EXCEPTIONS.
  2. We will do tours and tasting preferably by appointment, if you all arrive in the same vehicle, you will only be required to social distance from our employees and other patrons. To make an appointment go HERE or call 607-849-9600
  3. We will take individuals or groups at their appointed time, or as they arrive, you will be required to wait outside until your party is called.
  4. We can accommodate two (2) individual groups of two (2) separated by 6 feet, or one (1) group of up to twelve (12) (group must all arrive in the same vehicle)
  5. We ask you do not touch items in the gift shop unless you intend to actually purchase that item.
  6. We will need time to sanitize between patrons, or groups, so please be patient.
  7. When taking a tour, you must wear a mask at ALL times, we ask you do not touch any equipment, and stay within the designated areas.
  8. When doing a tasting, until you are seated, you must ware a mask, the rules are: sit down, mask down, stand up, mask up.
  9. We are offering you the option of signing our daily register for use in contact tracing. In the event we find the Distillery has been exposed to Covid-19 on the day you visited, you can be informed.


Looking for a package deal?
 We have a Groupon or Living Social tour and tasting package that includes a T-Shirt, shot glass, tour and two (2) tastings for EACH person!

Groupon / Living Social
Then come back here book your tour! 
Just a note, if you purchase one of our packages, they will tell you it expires within so many days, and while that is true, we have decided to honor them for their full value for as long as you have it!
Just make sure to bring us either your bar code voucher or the voucher number so we may redeem it!