The Distillery

Grinding our localy grown corn

Pressed corn heading to some local pigs soon.

Dragon Moon Shine is 100% locally grown and 100% corn whiskey absolutely NO added sugar!

Ingredients for our corn whiskey are water, corn, yeast, and a tiny amount of plant enzymes for starch to sugar conversions.

Other products will be available soon.

Mashing the corn

Pressing the corn in the bottom of the barrel to get the last 20 gallons of liquid to run in the still. We have to do this  for each batch.

Building the Mash Tuns

The Process


Building the Still

Here you see the production area of our distillery.

Currently all of our operations are done by hand through time consuming processes, yielding small quantities of whiskey from our 25 gallon copper still, making our whiskey as rare as some precious gems, and just as clear and smooth.

Below you will see a very edited version of building my still and mash tuns. I also built my steam generator you see between the mash tuns but must have neglected to take pictures of it. It is based on a design seen on the ADI forum.