"Hello, you have reached Dragonfyre Distillery! Call back in a year and maybe we'll have some moonshine to sell you!"

We now have electricity, heat and a phone! Yea! 

We now have an electric bill, a propane bill, and a phone bill! Blech!

 A glove we found on the floor the next day. This stuff sticks to everything except plastic! They wanted to do the walls before we put up the ceilings because we were putting a wooden ceiling in the tasting room. So they are going to come back and do the attic floor at a later date.

They were walking around on these stilts!

Taping the seams.

We decided to hire someone to hang and finish the drywall. It was the best decision we have made so far! We really suck at it. Well worth every penny. Jeff and his crew did a fabulous job, and they are fast! The drywall was hung in 2 days by 3 guys. The taping, mud, and sanding was done by 2 people in 4 days. It was done in less than a week. I don't know why his phone number is not on the van, but he is out of Cortland and you can google "the rock company" to get his contact info.

They dragged the cable up to the building...

While the drywallers were working, Vince was busy putting the finishing touches on the boiler for the radiant heat system. The propane tanks were delivered and the floor was warm that evening! I call that crazy looking pipe and hose thing "the pantookler", it looks like something from Dr. Suess! It does hum a little!

The tasting room.

Distillery part 6:

Utilities and progress!

A lot has been accomplished the last few weeks.

This is the transformer where the huge wire comes from the pole, then the secondary wire runs up to the building. They did this part first.

The ceiling is done!

The ground was really soft that day, they got it stuck a few times and had to pull it out with the truck.

It was cool to watch, it goes on wet and immediately puffs up, it dries right away. Then they scrape it down so that it is flush with the 2x4's. He was using a round metal curry comb! ( a comb to groom horses, usually).

We had to get a working phone number so that we could put it on our TTB permit application. We didn't really want that expense right now, but what could we do? So, here is Frontier, putting the phone cable in. They have this cool little machine that digs a trench and puts the cable down in the ground at the same time.

Next, it is the spray foam insulation guys!

These guys had the distillery side almost complete on the first day. We were really impressed with the way they could measure and cut the hole for an outlet, and then put the drywall panel up and the hole was in the right spot (in a matter of minutes). Vince and I had done some drywall work in our old house in Killawog and in this house, and we would always screw this up somehow!

Then they connected it to the pole.
 Hooray, no more generator!

and worked their way down to the road...they left the cable on top of the ground where the creek is, they said they'll come back in the spring and bury it under the creek then.