We went shopping on Saturday for electrical supplies- wire, outlet boxes, lights, etc. Vince got some of that stuff put in, then we started figuring out what materials we were going to need for the interior walls and ceilings. The original plan was to put wafer board on the distillery side for the walls and ceiling, but the code officer said we could only do that if we painted it with fire proof paint.
Welllll.....fire proof paint is $350 for a 5 gallon bucket and we would need about 5 buckets, so we opted for fire rated sheetrock (65 sheets that are 8' x4') instead.

Yuck, that is a lot of seams to tape and spackle! We hate taping and spackling, and are not very good at it either!

The tasting room side, which I consider my side because I will be painting and decorating it, will have sheetrock (32 sheets that are 10'x 4') walls and a wood plank ceiling (100 boards). I've got a lot of ideas on how I want to paint the walls, and I want to do a mural of a dragon on one wall, I think behind the bar area would be good. And I want to put a small wall mounted fountain in there. I can't wait to get started on the fun stuff!

Distillery part 4: the real work begins!

On Black Friday, the weather was nice enough so that I could get the porch posts stained. I didn't think I would be able to get to that till spring! We still need to add some decorative details to the porch, but that will have to wait till spring.

Here is the truck full of boards and sheetrock from Greene's Ace Hardware in Whitney Point. It really is "the place with the helpful hardware man"! Well, many men and women, really, they are great there, and we like to support our local businesses when we can. Their service is awesome!

We are so happy with the way it looks! Just wait till the shutters get put on, the flower boxes are full, and the landscaping gets done

Vince hooked up some shoplites to the generator and got right to work. This is how it looked at the end of the day, December 5th.