Putting on the corner trim and the soffit.

 After the first guy nailed on the trim the second guy went around and touched up the paint so you couldn't see the shiny nail heads. They pretty much just put a fresh coat of paint on all the trim because it had gotten marks and dirt on it during transport and being dragged all over the site. They touched up a lot of the siding. too. It really looks great! Vince and I will be doing the finish work on the porch in the spring, I want to stain the posts to match the door and we want to do some sort of decoration in the open porch gable end. We are also going to add shutters.

Putting in the window for the distillery side. You can see him holding his sandwich...they did not take much time for lunch!

Distillery, part 3, building arrives- day 2 & 3


Tuesday, November 24th, 2015
The crew arrives about 10:30 am, there were 5 guys again, but two of them left for a while to finish up some stuff on a few other jobs nearby.
It is cold again. Get out the long johns! And a warmer hat. And another coat to wear over the first coat. And a scarf, and 2 pairs of socks. It is 23 degrees out.  

I think I'll take my coffee with me today.....

The pond had ice on it this morning, and this is what my boots looked like most of the time from walking around in the mud!

It was dark when we headed back to the house, the moon was just coming up, peaking through the branches. Our new building was christened with a full moon! Genuine Moonshine!!

5 guys, 3 days. Poof! We have a distillery. Well, almost. We just have to put in the wiring, plumbing, insulation, heating system, a wall, a bathroom, a still........... the adventure continues!

Putting on the decorative trim.

Building the front entrance porch roof.

Putting in the door for the tasting room. This was the end of the 2nd day.

Wednesday, November 25th, 2015

Just 2 guys today to finish up the trim, they didn't get here till about 1:00. It was sunny, a beautiful day!
I only had to wear one coat today!