Getting ready to put the side braces on...I don't have any pictures between this step and the finished top, we put faux rafters on the top that come out from the wall and rest on the beam.

Adding wainscot and trim to the front.

This is the start of the tasting bar, they are 2 kitchen cabinets that we used in our kitchen temporarily while we built the house.

Time to do the floor!

Vince couldn't wait to see what it would look like with the tape off! Pretty cool! Just like a castle floor! Well, sort of! I went around with a brush to soften up the lines a little.

Here you can see the ends of the rafters hanging over the front. I couldn't wait to see what the patio lights we bought would look like on there, and then I had to put the ivy on there to cover the wire from the light string.

That top beam was too heavy to lift all at once, so we used our handy, dandy portable scaffold to get it up on top. Then Vince drilled holes in the top and screwed in 2 ten inch lag bolts in each end..

These are rough cut timbers left over from when my mom and dad built their house back in the 80's. I'm so glad we never get rid of anything!! We planed and sanded them a little so they weren't quite so rough. We don't want anyone to get splinters!

Destillery part 10:

The Tasting Room is (mostly) Done!

A lot of progress has been made! The tasting room is done enough to open with. Of course I have some other things I would like to do- paint a mural on the wall behind the check out counter, and paint some faux bricks and crumbling plaster on some parts of the walls. That will have to wait, because I have to paint the road sign and a bunch of other signs. We are sending out our NY State permit application tomorrow, so we need to be ready to open as soon as that is approved. 

So I think this will be ok for now!

This is what it looks like all finished! Ready to fill those shelves with some shine!!

Vince connected the 2 cabinets and put a piece of plywood on top. The 2 upright beams are attached to the ends of the bar from the inside of the cabinets with lag bolts.

Checkout counter, Vince just built the base out of plywood.

Yes, I did that whole floor with a sponge!

These little corner braces are just for looks.

Vince's dad made the bar top and the checkout counter top out of walnut.