Dragonfyre Distillery

Covid-19 Reopening Updates

Central NY is now in phase 4.
For Cortland County phase openings see the Chambers web site at https://www.cortlandareachamber.com/reopening-phases and official phase information from the State go to https://forward.ny.gov/

As of June 26th we can now let you browse the gift shop, take a tour and come inside for tastings, but ask that you make an appointment to do so. If you show up unannounced and we already have a party inside, you will need to wait outside until that group is through.

The following rules will apply:

  1. Indoor seating is limited to 4 people at one time, outdoor seating will depend on your party size.
  2. Due to our indoor seating limitations we ask that you make an appointment to visit the distillery, and you may do so HERE or call 607-849-9600. If you show up without an appointment you may be waiting outside until the previous party is finished.
  3. Customers will be required to ware a mask at all times unless seated at one of the tables for tastings, no exceptions.
  4. Customers will order tasting at the bar (mask required) bartender will then fill your order and you will pick it up and return to your designated table where you may then remove your mask to consume your order.
  5. You will be required to ware a mask when indoors in the gift shop, please try and handle merchandise as little as possible, and instead, allow our staff to handle what ever you wish to purchase if possible.

We appreciate your cooperation during these trying times, and would like to assure you that we are doing everything possible to make sure your visit is safe and enjoyable, so raise a glass and make a toast to the end of Covid-19 and too a future where we can have normal interactions and conversations without the feeling of suffocation and looking like a group of interns!

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